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SCOUTS New Zealand


April 2020


For Impact


Experience Cloud - Salesforce

SCOUTS New Zealand traces its roots back to more than 112 years ago and is the country’s largest non-formal education provider. Its programs offer young people a safe, nurturing environment where they can enjoy new adventures and make new connections.

During the COVID-19 outbreak SCOUTS New Zealand needed to move fast to support its youth. GravityLab had already prepared a technology strategy for them and it was brought it forward at a rapid pace to build an online scouting platform on Salesforce Experience Cloud in 6 weeks. This includes the ability to learn, gain achievements and collaborate online in a secure environment. Salesforce Experience Cloud enables members to chat, collaborate and learn in a safe, fun online environment.

For SCOUTS New Zealand to grow and reach more of today’s youth, it wanted to create opportunities for them to learn and engage online.

Using Mobile Publisher, SCOUTS New Zealand was able to quickly turn the community into a mobile app. This enables the organisation’s young mobile audience to engage in a way that’s easy and relevant to them — without the overhead and complexity of maintaining a bespoke mobile app.

“It’s a fun challenge to design amazing experiences for a diverse organisation like SCOUTS New Zealand,” explains Daniel Howell, GravityLab. “In this case, Salesforce gave us a head start, providing the scalability, security and internal interfaces needed to optimise business processes and the end-user experience.”

“With our digital platform, we can augment what happens in the Scout hall, on the river, around the campfire and in the community.”

– Joshua Tabor, CEO, SCOUTS New Zealand

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