Send email-alerts and log the email.

Use process build, flow or apex to send an email   See the sent email in the activity feed We strongly recommend using Flows to send emails – they are better than process builders and easier to debug. #1 Install Upvote the idea for Salesforce to make this standard. Install the package – this only works on […]

The Ultimate Free Salesforce Admin Tools

Pragmatic Solutions while we wait on Salesforce Ideas
We love Salesforce and love the flexibility it gives us. There are times where functionality isn’t quite released yet. So this page contains a list of tools you can use until the functionality is released. They are all designed for admins to be fired from process builder.

Shut Up and Learn to Collaborate!

Which is better? – working in a growing business Jack, a copywriter working remotely, is communicated to by only his boss, Jane, and only via emails. Jack doesn’t feel involved in the company’s life and doesn’t feel a part of the team. As a result, he isn’t that committed to the project or the goals.OrJack, a copywriter […]

Stop relying on talented people

Talented people are used to solve problems. It makes sense. They have the knowledge, resourcefulness and capability to get things done. This is a problem because it’s not a scalable solution. Often the real underlying problem doesn’t get dealt with. Before long, a similar problem arises again and another talented person is tasked with solving […]