Admin Superstar

Our Approach

We take attitude and aptitude over experience. If you think you might have what it takes then fill out the short application form and we can grab a coffee and figure out where your sweet spot is and how it could align with us.

The Role

  • Do you like to make a real difference; and do you want to work with great people?  
  • Keen to jump onboard with a company that aligns with your values, rewards and excites you, and helps you achieve your goals? 
  • Join us at GravityLab – we are the catalysts for change in the business and charity world!

At GravityLab we design, build and rollout leading Salesforce solutions for our client organisations.  We are an exciting social enterprise – doing our bit to make a difference in this world. 

A role you will really love

We are looking for an epic Admin Superstar to contribute to our growing team in a part time role. Reporting to the Head of Employee Experience, this position will span over 15 hours a week, can be adapted around your strengths and passions, and will include:

  • Office management – Support in the general smooth operation of the office on a day to day basis
  • Help us run/organise great events/meetings 
  • Provide assistance to the CEO/other directors and leaders as required.
  • Support accounts with enquiries, credit card receipts and help remove blockers from invoices getting paid  
  • Make all our documents look beautiful and tidy
  • Team culture and service – a can – do attitude with a positive outlook


Your strengths

Business process – Being someone who is process orientated, you are easily finding better ways of working, with an eagerness to implement tangible change. You listen to all of the needs and are keen to develop and embrace healthy feedback.

Problem Solver – You are fast-thinking, and analytical, with an aptitude for technology.  You don’t stop when you hit a roadblock, you know when to think through it and know when to ask for help.

Empathy – Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you have a big heart for people. You know how to communicate with simplicity, love helping others and seeing them thrive.  

Detail – you have an eye for details. THis means you pick up on typos, bad sentences, not aligned pictures (did that capital ‘H’ bug you?) 

Formatting master– in particular, you like nice colours and things to look just right. You know that matching the headings and getting the right padding is what is needed.

Financials  you have an understanding of accounts. GST and Accounting codes are familiar words to you.

Quick software learner you have used so many things. Slack, Google Workspace, Asana and Canva. These sorts of things you try out and pick up very quickly. 

Self-starter, doer – you probably love checklists and feel at home ticking of tasks. You’ll find things to do and be proactive. But, above all you will take full ownership of your role and if you say you will get it done, you get it done.


The team and culture you’ve been seeking

We’re dynamic, driven and on an upward growth trajectory, so team fit is essential. If you join us, you’ll be joining a team where you:

Are valued.  We love people, will value you and help you thrive. We care more about our team than anything else. We want to know what things matter to you in life, family, friends, justice, equality and then we will help you excel where it matters most to you. We know if we look after you, you will look after our wonderful customers.

Value others.  We do what is right and what is the best thing for the world and for a client. 

Have authentic integrity. We are authentic and radically honest. If you don’t gel with a prospective customer, we don’t take them on. If we don’t think our solution is the best for the customer, we recommend a competitor. 

Work with the A-team. We only hire ‘A’ players, so you work with and learn from the best in business process automation.

Thrill customers. It’s all about doing great work without exception. Our clients show us that what we do – they love, and this matters to us.

Tailor your role.  We want you to thrive, so we will tailor your role around you, setting you up for success.

Upskill and learn.  We value development. You will quickly be encouraged to learn across a range of solutions.

Flexibility – we have part-time mums and remote workers here. We want to attract the best people and look after them extremely well.


This role has an abundance of growth potential, so if this opportunity has ticked the boxes you’re wanting ticked, apply below.

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