Implementation Success for Salesforce CRM

GravityLab are here to help you embed a system that drives change and long-term results.

Online CRM Solutions

We apply the six building blocks of digital business. Starting with long-term strategy, customer decision journeys through to process design, automation and analytics. Here are some of the solutions we offer:


Map out the values, needs and decisions of your customer. We then map out their processes and analyse where your services align to customer needs.

Map out the values, needs and decisions of your customer. We then map out their processes and analyse where your services align to customer needs.

Take a deep dive into the who, what, why, how and when of each step in your processes. We map the results from inputs to objectives for each part of your business.

Strategy is only implemented strategy when you track results against a balanced set of measures. We set up key performance measures to achieve your missional, process and people goals.

Traditional job roles are inflexible and not adhered to. Based on your processes we identify all of the required roles and skill sets across the organisation. This gives you staff clarity, direction and something to work for. 


Be guided through a robust process to design your Salesforce CRM.. We help you navigate the digital world and design a system that going to keep on working for you and your team.

Ensure you get the most out of every enquiry. We develop simple processes that take your customers on a journey of communication to convert more leads into closed sales.

One interaction or sale isn’t enough. Provide an exceptional onboarding journey for every type of relationship.

Make sure every client or important stakeholder is contacted on a regular basis. Rank your client’s and report on the results.

Our automated analysis provides the information you need at your fingertips. With beautiful dashboards and in-depth reports, you can track everything from customer growth to charitable accountabilities.

Utilise your database. Run a call center, sync it with your email tools or send out direct mail. Track the success rates of each campaign against open rates, signs ups and even real sales or donation revenue.

Ensure authentic messages are consistently sent throughout your processes. Sometimes people need to see professionally branded documents and sometimes they need authentic communication. It all needs to be at the right time and personalised to their situation.

Map out the values, needs and decisions of your customer. We then map out their processes and analyse where your services align to customer needs.

Learn from best practice project management methodologies. We use pragmatic stage based philosophies that get results.

Provide exceptional support experiences. Allow your customers to log requests via email, forms or social media. With built-in escalation and predefined solutions, Salesforce makes it a breeze.

Information stuck in old systems isn’t serving you. Access and share your information from anywhere in the cloud. Collaborate with it online or use powerful statistics and reports to generate insights and action.

Automated reminders are a key part of our approach. Let us help you with calendar integrations and streamlining tasks. and prioritising your workload.

Apps & Integrations

We can build you a new IOS/Android App or connect to your current application. We can use Heroku or custom APIs.

Using either standard Salesforce functionality, custom programming or appexchange add-ons, we can generate word documents, pdfs, signable forms, receipts, thank you letters, quotes or invoices.

Save time by synchronising your information to and from Salesforce and your accounting software. Keep everything up to date and utilise Salesforce for advanced follow up and analytics.

Allow your customers or partners to access branded parts of your system. They could check their balance, request support, contribute to your knowledge base, renew subscriptions or collaborate with you.

Keep one source of truth of your customer’s data. Synchronise and segment your database with your emailing tools (mailchimp, campaign monitor, pardot..)  and then track the results in Salesforce

An integrated tool that can help you plan, run and report on events. Ask us how to digitise your attendee registrations and provide dynamic evaluation surveys.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow your online software products to communicate to each other. Your calendar, accounting software, quoting tool and other products can all connect and exchange data seamlessly.


Create marketing journeys across important touchpoint and milestones. For example, new customer onboarding, contract renewal or post-service request.

Capture and use your data to communicate at the right time, on the right channel with the right message.

Generate audiences on leading advertising platforms for remarketing and targeting. eg. Adwords, Facebook

Automatically send survey’s against your existing or new contacts straight from within Salesforce. Use the results to trigger special communications and tasks.

Build smart website forms that also syncs into Salesforce and your journeys. Then design and implement landing pages for specific campaigns to host these CTAs.

Integrate scoring logic which connects across to your Sales team.

Design the look and feel of your emails and key assets and then generate reusable templates.

Go deep into crafted marketing strategy that builds beautiful moments that matter for your customers.

… and much more. Let us know your requirements over our free initial consultation.