Send email-alerts and log the email.

Use process build, flow or apex to send an email


See the sent email in the activity feed

We strongly recommend using Flows to send emails – they are better than process builders and easier to debug.

#1 Install

  • Upvote the idea for Salesforce to make this standard.
  • Install the package – this only works on Enterprise edition and up as it requires apex code. Or view in GitHub.
  • Open a flow
  • On the actions select the “Apex Class” option

#2 Select the recipients

  • Related To ID – the ID of the record you want to relate this to (eg. account or opportunity). Not a contact, lead or user
  • Contact/Lead ID – Required if you use an email template
  • ‘To – To Addresses’– enter a comma-separated list of email address. Eg. [email protected], [email protected]
  • ‘To – bcc Email Addresses’– comma-separated list of email addresses to go into the BCC field
  • ‘To – cc Email Addresses’ – comma-separated list of email addresses to go into the CC field
  • ‘TreatTargetObjectAsRecipient’ – true or false – if false it won’t send the email to the contact or lead
  • If no value (eg. null) it will default to true if there a contact/lead id provided and it has a valid email address

#3 Enter the email content

  • ‘Body – Template Id’  – the id of the email template. eg. 00X600000012maf

  • Or instead, use ‘Body – Template Unique Name’ with the unique name (API name) of the email template. eg. “Email_template_name”

Or write your own content. You cannot use custom content with an email template due to a limitation in Salesforce Apex:

  • Subject – specify the subject
  • ‘Body – Plain Text ‘ – enter a plain text body
  • ‘Body – Html’ – or an HTML body
  • ‘Body – Use Signature’ – include the user’s standard signature

#4 Attachments

  • ‘Attachment – ContentDocument – Comma Separated Ids’ — This is the ContentDocumentId of the document you want to attach. It will take the latest ContentVerion.
  • ‘Attachment – ContentVersion – Comma Seperated Ids’ to specify a specific ContentVersionId
  • ‘Attachment – Comma Separated Ids’ – List of Attachment Ids
  • For example, 0690o12312321GKOT, 06934234234TGH

#5 Optional Extras


  • You cannot use Email Templates without a Lead or Contact Id. This is a limitation of Salesforce Apex code. One workaround is to create a dummy contact. We know this is not ideal
  • Apex email sends have a limit of 5000 per day across your org. Note that all recipients in the to, cc and bcc fields count against this limit  An example being an email with 2 addresses in the “to” field and 1 address in the “cc” field would count as 3 calls against the limit.