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CRM Consultant that Makes a Real Difference

Be the best you can be and work with great people. Don’t be stuck on a career path that doesn’t align with your values and life goals.

GravityLab, the catalysts for change in the charity world

Come work for an exciting start up social enterprise that is making a huge difference in NZ charities and businesses. GravityLab designs, builds and rolls out Salesforce CRM solutions. We partner with organisations and design how they can run their business processes on Salesforce.

We are catalysts for change in the charity world. We empower and equip charities with the tools and processes to maximise their impact

A different type of role

We are looking for a dynamic functional consultant to contribute to our new and currently small team. We don’t operate like most businesses. You won’t be on some ultra formalised career path. Instead you will have an opportunity to  leverage your skills and strengths working in a passionate team. Initially, you will start on a short term contract allowing you to demonstrate your abilities to make a difference here and with our partners.

Since we are small the role can be adapted around your strengths and passions to some degree, but, it will include:

  • Designing business processes
  • Setting up Salesforce databases and creating automations (no programming knowledge is necessary, but if you have dabbled that is preferable)
  • Managing projects. Keeping our partners informed, making sure they do their part, pushing the project to completion
  • Filtering, importing and cleaning up data. Taking excel spreadsheets and importing them into Salesforce
  • Salesforce Training and selling the system to the team.

The Strengths We Need

Understand organisations and businesses

  • You are someone who is process orientated, sees better ways of working and wants to implement tangible change
  • You are also teachable and embrace healthy feedback. You will compromise if the client really wants something or a senior tells you that’s how it is.

Analytical and Tech Savvy

  • You are a fast thinking with an aptitude for technology
  • You might be a Tinkerer who has played around and a bit of an Excel whiz or have made a website or two.

Task focused project manager

  • You appreciate the detail and the power of making informed decisions, but you are more interested in delivery.
  • You can organise yourself and other people. You have a nice way of pushing people to meet your deadlines, because you are outcomes focused and know your work will help them.

Relationship and people orientated

  • You might be an introvert, but you still have a big heart for people. You want to do something meaningful, you want to be a catalyst for change.

Salesforce experience would be preferred. But, if not prove that you can pick things up quickly

  • Ideally, you will have over two years’ experience in Salesforce and some certifications. But, convince us you have the right strengths, values and mindset and you will be considered.

This role has lots of potential to grow. Ideally, you will have a strong technical background with some management experience. Get in touch with us at info@gravitylab.nz

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