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You can call it Salesforce managed services, a retainer, or support services – but what matters is the ROI and service you get. We believe in not just reacting to incoming requests, but we proactively help guide the roll-out and wider business strategy. It’s about a system that truly engages, accelerates efficiency and people love to use.

96%+ Satisfaction

How do you get the best reputation for your Salesforce support offering?

It’s all about real people you can connect with.

True experts – Have the best team around, which comes from a combination of good ethos, care for client outcomes and technical brilliance. We are very mindful that “certifications” alone are not enough. It’s practical experience on how to get the most out of the tools and ultimately align them to business outcomes and how to help and empower people. That said, we still have over 100 Salesforce certifications.

Agile and adaptable – Committed to outcomes over requirements.

Local and Collaborative – We do not offshore Salesforce development. The heart of our approach is to closely collaborate with our clients.

More cost-effective – Dedicated to value for money and commitment to local relationships. We give you access to senior architects for the big decisions that they can speed up and then access to others for easier work.

”I’d go so far as to say that GravityLab is THE BEST vendor I have ever worked with in my career. The level of collaboration and support we get from the GravityLab team is something you just don’t normally get.”


Types of areas we help with

We will create a customised continuous improvement and support plan to meet your needs. Here are some example areas where our clients often seek our assistance:

Everyday admin assist - CRM

Keeping your setup humming day to day as your remote Salesforce Administrator.

For example:
  • Set up users and their permissions
  • Training end users or super users
  • Reports and dashboards
  • System refinements (e.g. fields & layout changes, list views)
  • Production bug fix & issue resolution
  • Data – importing/exporting
  • Scheduled maintenance and testing
  • Updates on new feature releases
  • Environment management
  • Health checks and performance/security audits
  • Minor Enhancements / Extra automations and product features (as budget allows)

Architecture & strategic leadership

Best-practice and wider technology strategy  

For example:
  • Further Salesforce design & discovery
  • In-depth architecture reviews
  • Ongoing org documentation
  • Recommendations on how to leverage features and improve ROI
  • Roadmap and long term goal development
  • New cloud, integrations or other product recommendations
  • Reviewing better use of standard approaches and appexchange options
  • Additional consulting services as required

Continuous improvement team

Team working with you on a continuous backlog of ways to accelerate your business on the Salesforce platform.

For example:
  • Fortnightly planning and prioritisation meetings led by a Project Manager/ Product Owner 
  • New feature development 
  • New automation
  • New business processes
  • Suggestions on improving business process efficiency and internal/external user experiences
  • Large system refinements/changes

Note if you accrue budget from doing less architecture or strategic work – we can complete some of these items for you regardless of the selected option

”Every single GravityLab Consultant assigned to our Project would rate as some of the best I have had the pleasure of working with anywhere in the world. Outstanding.”


Marketing admin assist

Access to marketing automation experts to maximise your ROI

For example:

  • System refinements
  • Training end users or super users
  • Built-in analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Data automations
  • Journey help
  • Check-ins
  • Forms
  • Preference changes
  • In-product analytics

Marketing strategic & leadership

Best-practice and wider technology strategy  

For example:

  • Further Marketing design & discovery
  • Marketing Roadmaps
  • Campaign and targeting advice
  • Wider go-to-market and value proposition design
  • CMO and CRO coaching
  • Additional consulting services as required

Additional Benefits

Other parts of our amazing support offering that you can leverage:

Training – Maximise adoption and ownership
Build your capacity – we can train empower (and have helped interview) your internal team
Shared product owner – we both need to share the roles of the product owner for maximum success.
Proactive planning and guidance – with quarterly roadmap sessions and monthly governance
Deployment and security – keep you up to date on best-practice deployment and security approaches
Architectural oversight – we don’t just do what we say we guide on how to get the most out of the tools
Lower risk packages – with less legal lock-in and rolling over budgets
Community events – see what others are doing outside of new “features”
Transparency and honesty – Visibility and collaboration across a shared backlog and budget usage

”For a support team you can trust, who can align to how we need and want to work – GravityLab has it nailed. ”


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