About GravityLab

GravityLab builds systems that empower staff, drive performance and embed change

We have worked with large and small organisations to achieve proven results. Once upon a time we consulted with companies to design new business processes and then tried to hold staff accountable to change, but it wasn’t enough.

People can’t just be told what to do. Staff need to be empowered with insights and tools, processes need to be optimised and enforced and ideas need to be embedded as action.

We build intuitive Salesforce systems that build the connections between people, information and action.

We maximise the good in the world


Our team care about going good and have time to volunteer and work with charities to support what aligns with their values

Our World

We think child sexual trafficking is evil and do our best to fight it – supporting three key organisations


We discount nonprofit work to local charities

Serious Investment

We donate a serious amount to stopping child sexual trafficking