Our 5 Core Values

1. Partnership

We believe that your unique strengths, history, and future goals need to be understood and appreciated. We journey with you to be a catalyst for change that builds off the good work you are already doing.

2. Beyond the dollar

We focus on what matters in life and really care about causes and ways of working that create a lasting change in our communities. We are in the business of empowering others to empower the most vulnerable, an exponential impact.

3. Good to Great

We push the boundaries of best practice. That means systematically questioning what we and our clients can do better. We keep abreast of the trends,  test new ways of working and embrace healthy conflict to make sure we are helping in every way that we can.

4. Authentic Integrity

We deliver realised value for our customers every time. This means we adapt our approach for each client while holding onto what we have seen work best. We are authentic internally and externally. In other words we are: Transparent, Honest, Genuine, Trustworthy and always work with integrity.

5. Technology Leaders

We keep up to date with the latest tools and approaches. We don’t try and write outdated code we find smarter, cheaper, better tools and only embrace repurposeful code.

How our values translate into our Non-profit approach

Charities don’t exist to raise funds, they exist for a mission and our job is to make sure every organisation rigorously focuses on that mission. A typical implementation for us is geared towards firstly: aligning people and process to your core purpose, secondly, leveraging funding and sales as a key enabler. It’s important to us that purpose comes before funding.

How our values translate into our profit generating approach

We are a private business and many of our clients are sales and profit focused. Our values in action result in more sales and long-term profitability. We don’t jump to quick solutions, but we stop and think about your true goals, exactly what your customers want and how you can win them over.

Our values in action:

  • Strategy and clarification – get to the heart of the organisation
  • Roles and process aligned to the mission and goals of the founders/owners/management
  • Evaluation and monitoring tools to keep us focused and make better decisions
  • Change the interactions, care and experience to your customers. That is personalised service on scale
  • Targeted communication, ease to interact with us, involve the funders
  • Provide clarity and direction and accountability for staff. That’s automated dashboards and reporting and processes which everyone understands and can achieve.
  • Provide the team  insights and guidance on the next step they need to take
  • Efficient automations – save admin time and boost productivity
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