Salesforce integration licenses – how to implement

Written by our lead architect David Smith Salesforce has recently release their new Integration licenses, which allows you to connect to external sites without taking up a standard (expensive) license. All accounts on enterprise and up will get 5 licenses, and it sounds like getting extra licenses is an inexpensive process (to confirm, but it […]

Post Project: How to Ensure Salesforce Success

Now that your Salesforce system is up and running, here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your CRM investment: 1. Track user adoption We have created a special dashboard where you can monitor user activity. You can track how often users are logging into the system, or whether they […]

Winter 18 Release Notes

As you should know Salesforce is regularly updated to keep it as the world’s most innovative and advanced CRM. Three times a year they release a major update. In October they are making a major release and you will see some changes when you use Salesforce. There are thousands of exciting changes happening in the […]