Cin7 - scaling and optimising customer service models








Service Cloud, Automation, Online Portal

Cin7 is another client that was a winner of the auspicious High-Tech awards. They produce some of the world’s best inventory management software. After they were acquired by Rubicon Technology, they grew their offering and customer base. GravityLab assisted in optimizing their solutions and aligning them with how other mature vendors are servicing their clients.

Working with Cin7’s wonderful team, we delivered:

  1. Service Cloud major enhancements
  2. Online portal for customers
  3. Knowledge bases
  4. Self-service
  5. Automated agent allocation
  6. Case tracking


The results were amazing. Going back to using the Salesforce Service Cloud as intended, with case deflection on their self-service portal, reduced customer support emails by 50%! That’s a massive internal cost-saving while delivering improved customer engagement.


”I’d go so far to say that GravityLab is THE BEST vendor I have ever worked with in my career. The level of collaboration and support we get from the GravityLab team is something you just don’t normally get. I would happily give GravityLab a reference any day”


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