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Workbridge: Programme management on Nonprofit Cloud




October 2023




Programme Management, Sign-up and Onboarding


Workbridge has been operating since 1931. Since 1990, they have been a dedicated employment service for people with disabilities or health conditions seeking to gain or retain employment.

GravityLab has worked with Workbridge since 2020. We have been helping manage and continuously improve their core operational systems.

In 2023, they wanted to run a pilot program to help refugees. They wanted to be able to track applications, funding requests, training, and vacancies. This was a perfect fit for Salesforce’s newly released Nonprofit Cloud.


What we built

  • Using the new program architecture in Nonprofit Cloud with a simplified interface that can be expanded out later.
  • Built on a quick agile schedule to meet government deadline
  • Full sign-up process
  • Tracking the relationships between volunteers, employers, clients
  • Using NPC to manage the assessments and step plans, training, and vacancies
  • Further abilities to self-refer
  • Tracking the fund requests and funding usage


The results

  • One of the first instances of Nonprofit Cloud in Australasia
  • Up and running in a matter of weeks
  • Successful uptake of assessments, training, and job-seeking services


There is an excitement roadmap to build on these opportunities with more self-service, engagement, and further efficiencies and process optimisation.


“GravityLab is a great team of experts that care about your future growth. It’s been a pleasure working with the team to get this all sorted! The communication is great. GravityLab is all you need” -David Liu


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