Habitat for Humanity

Marketing automation & combining several entities


Habitat for Humanity


July 2022




Volunteer Management, Operations, Marketing Automation

A comprehensive engine to run the programmes of Habitat

Habitat for Humanity was founded internationally in 1976, they believe in a world where everyone has a safe home. They work to help build and improve homes for families of low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds. Homes are often built using volunteer labour, as well as paid contractors.

They came to GravityLab with an existing Salesforce instance that really didn’t work for them. It was built for an old business model, and it was built so custom they couldn’t take advantage of the latest releases from Salesforce or quickly and safely make changes to business processes.

On top of these, they had aspirations for engagement and efficiency. They want to better personalise and target people on certain fundraising campaigns. They wanted to enable more self-service and automation for their volunteers. They wanted to save on admin time to free up their team to focus on creating a powerful impact in the community.

What we built

  • Rebuilt a new Salesforce instance across a number of teams/offices, who have a shared federated model
  • Helped choose new architecture and standard apps to utilise
  • Simplified the setup and put in key time-saving automation 
  • Set up volunteer management modules how they are supposed to work out of the box
  • Built an online portal using experience cloud
  • Inquiry management processes for progressive home ownership
  • Program management to track all their sites and assets.
  • Leveraged Marketing Cloud to automate nurture journeys which started with their AMI campaign
  • Donations and Fundraising – including online credit cards, grants, bequests, bank file processing
  • Reporting and analytics to provide team, management and board reporting linked back to practical action


The results

  • 500,000+ volunteer hours logged
  • 6,000+ active volunteers
  • Marketing success with 500+ campaigns
  • 21% rise in donations in the year after implementation
  • Time saved – estimated in some cases of 35% reduction in admin time.


“GravityLab was amazing, very knowledgeable without being know it alls. They were also so accommodating which given the scope of the project and the many stakeholders was essential to the successful delivery of the platform.” – Nic Greene, IT Steering Group Chair


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