Crimson Education

The world’s leading US/UK university admissions consulting company


Crimson Education


2019 – 2021




Salesforce Platform

Crimson Education is one of New Zealand’s major success stories. They operate internationally with diverse sales and service teams. Crimson has great internal technology capability, building their own apps in-house. They needed support in building a solution that utilises Salesforce best-practice and was aligned to good process adherence and usability.

Crimson engaged GravityLab to sort out some of their scaling bottlenecks. GravityLab helped build an integration layer between their mobile app and Salesforce. This took the business logic out of code and allowed Crimson admins to change who got notified and when on different events. Furthermore, we made refinements to key components in their Sales journey.

“GravityLab take a KISS approach to their work, which is really valuable when it comes to a product like Salesforce. I have really appreciated the way they have challenged our initial ideas and helped us find much simpler solutions.”

Guy Sherman, CTO

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