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Sales, Service, Marketing, Operations

Halter is a highly innovative and successful NZ Agri-tech company. They produce smart collars for cows that can help improve health, remove the need for physical fencing, and raise productivity and profitability through features like pasture optimisation. Halters have grown very fast and were also a winner of the NZ High-Tech awards.

Halter move at pace. They are designing better ways of working internally and for their customers so they need to embed tech that delivers now, while keeping it open to work for the next quarter’s improvements. They needed a rapid response approach where we can deliver prototypes and iterative improvements and learnings at pace. Without GravityLab they were running the risk of overinvesting in some paths that might change soon while also having the risk of not supporting their growth, aspirations and system foundations optimally. 

GravityLab has had a multi-faceted relationship with Halter. This includes:

  1. Tech strategy and advice on internal product team 
  2. Marketing automation strategy and expertise
  3. Managed service of core platform
  4. Revenue optimisation guidance (RevenueLab)
  5. New platform integrations
  6. Service and team management
  7. Improved onboarding and installation processes
  8. Setup of Tableau analytics


GravityLab has helped drive progress in many areas. Many areas improve the customer experience and growth opportunities straight away. But overall we have set up the foundation for mammoth growth in the coming years.

“The GravityLab team have been amazing. They have solved some big problems for us! For a support team you can trust, & who can align to how we need / want to work – GravityLab have it nailed“ – Jade, Salesforce product owner

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