RevenueLab insights embedded into automated systems that are driving global scale

RevenueLab insights embedded into automated systems that are driving global scale




December 2021





APLYiD is a trusted & accredited digital ID solution that streamlines customer onboarding. They have recently opened multiple global sales offices and are scaling at pace. They sought the help of RevenueLab to refine their processes for scaling the sales team and align the team members around best-practice sales techniques to deliver predictable results.

This involved a team of experts assisting in mapping out their buyer journey and learning how to progress their customers through each stage to increase conversions and speed up the deal cycle. RevenueLab built out the end-to-end sales process and designed a custom sales playbook.

GravityLab was then engaged to embed the sales process and playbook into APLYiD’s CRM. This meant realigning Salesforce CRM and dynamically displaying the key tasks/questions/data points from the playbook at each stage. A suite of dashboards and reports was developed to help each sales rep thrive and allow the sales managers to effectively guide their teams. 

Next on the roadmap is CRO advisory and further automation to improve the buying experience, legal compliance and achieve a higher ROI from the sales reps’ activities. This includes document generation, Chargebee™ integration and e-signing capabilities.

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