Integrated Sales, Marketing and Xero to their international branches




June 2020




Sales Cloud, Xero Integration and Pardot

Staah is an online hotel booking system and hotel channel manager. They are a successful international SaaS company based in New Zealand. They had a high growth strategy and needed to build new scalable processes to support the growth.

We helped STAAH achieve their goals to attract, convert, analyse and maximise online reach and revenue for every client. This involved covering three key areas:

1 – Process automation – a robust sales process with automated product calculations, quote generation and email communications

2 – Xero Integration – connecting one Salesforce instance with 5 international Xero instances to auto-generate and reconcile invoices and payments

3 – B2B marketing automation – leverage Salesforce’s Pardot to identify, qualify and engage leads. It’s automated segmented and email journeys that generate real revenue opportunities

“I thoroughly recommend GravityLab with Salesforce automations  we highly rate their work. They communicate well and push hard to meet our deadlines.” – Tony Howlett, COO

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